We serve the world together with you – as your trusted digital partner.


We will take care of your solution

Once an idea is discussed, brainstormed, improved and enhanced – all its digital requirements will be fulfilled by Panaceata through prototyping, designing and developing it to a scalable reality.

Product Digitization

Digitalize your entire productization journey through branding your concept with our digital expertise in software, mobile application and website development expertise.

Cloud Migrations

Collaborate with you to leverage the benefits of public cloud computing to empower your value creation processes.

Panaceata provides end-to-end cloud migration and adoption on all leading public cloud providers; AWS, Azure, GCP. So let us give a complete transformation for your traditional data management legacy!

We do not just migrate; We re-imagine your business strategy with the power of cloud-native services. We work with you to empower your value creation process using public cloud benefits.

Big Data Solutions

Provide you with valuable insights about your customer needs through deliberate data analysis to create new opportunities, build trust and accelerate your complete productization journey.

24/7 IT Support

We’ve been through the entire production process more times than we can count. Yet, we stand ready to leverage our knowledge and all those lessons we learned over the years to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking to digitize your services, bootstrap a new project, or update your existing codebase, our team can help you bring your business to a higher level.


Collaborate in software development and operation for agile deployment, quality enhancement and boosted productivity in your entire business value delivery chain.