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In the dynamic world of education, tuition institutes face numerous challenges that can hinder their growth and impact. Scheduling headaches, cumbersome administrative tasks, communication gaps, and limited insights into performance are just a few of the roadblocks standing in the way of success. But fear not, for Panaceata has arrived with the ultimate solution – Tutor Framework.

Picture a seamless scheduling system that effortlessly orchestrates student, tutor, and room availability, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. No more juggling acts or wasted hours. Tutor Framework automates this complex process, freeing up valuable time for what truly matters: delivering exceptional education.

Communication is the lifeline of any successful institute, and Tutor Framework strengthens these vital connections. Parents, tutors, and students can seamlessly engage through dedicated portals, fostering collaboration and enhancing the learning experience. Instant feedback, progress reports, and a harmonious flow of communication become the norm, building a supportive community that propels growth.

Gone are the days of drowning in paperwork and administrative nightmares. Our intuitive platform streamlines Student Registration, invoicing, and Record-Keeping, so you can bid farewell to stacks of forms and tedious data entry. With Tutor Framework, administrative efficiency becomes your secret weapon.

Automated Scheduling System

By offering an automatic and intelligent scheduling mechanism, tutor framework reduces the difficulties of arranging classes. This approach ensures the best use of resources by taking into consideration the availability of students, tutors, and spaces. The tool generates efficient schedules, removing conflicts and minimizing manual labor, by analyzing different parameters, including desired schedules, topic requirements, and room availability.

We believe in the power of data to unlock insights and drive progress. Tutor Framework equips you with robust analytics, illuminating enrollment trends, performance indicators, and actionable metrics. With this knowledge in hand, informed decisions become your superpower, revolutionizing your institute’s trajectory.


TutorFrameWork is a comprehensive online tuition institute management software that revolutionizes the way educational institutions operate and deliver exceptional learning experiences. Its robust features are intelligently designed to streamline administrative tasks, enhance student engagement, and empower tutors to deliver personalized instruction. Let’s explore the key sections of this innovative software.

Automated/Intelligent Scheduling System

Tutor framework automates class scheduling by considering student availability, tutor availability, and room availability, generating optimized schedules, eliminating conflicts, and reducing manual effort.

Streamlined Student Registration and Family Management

Tutor framework simplifies student registration and family details management, allowing easy registration without paperwork, providing essential information, and generating unique IDs for efficient record-keeping.

Automated Invoicing and Financial Management

The application streamlines financial management with automated invoicing, generating tuition fees invoices based on courses and tracking payment status, ensuring timely billing and transparency for institutes and parents.

Parent/Student Portal

Tutor framework offers portals for parents and students, promoting transparent communication, engagement, and collaboration. Parents access student reports, assignments, and performance metrics, while students access reports and communicate with tutors.

Digital Content Management

Tutor framework offers a comprehensive digital content management system for effective teaching and learning, allowing tutors to upload, organize, and access course materials for students’ convenience.

Franchise/Branch Management

Tutor framework provides centralized management tools for institutes with multiple branches or franchises, enabling efficient monitoring, access to branch-specific data, and seamless collaboration.

Tutor Management and Class Room Management

The application simplifies tutor and class room management through dedicated modules, allowing tutors to assign materials, manage attendance, and enhance teaching and learning experiences.


Comprehensive Evaluation and Feedback

Tutor Framework is a comprehensive solution for tuition institutes, offering in-depth insights into student performance and generating reports. It empowers institutes to make data-driven decisions, enhance teaching quality, and provide personalized support for tutors and students.

So, say goodbye to the pains that have held you back and embrace the future with Tutor Framework. Join the ranks of institutes that have unlocked success through our cutting-edge technology. Are you ready to empower your tutors, engage your students, and elevate your institute to new heights?

The journey starts now.

Dedicated Support Team:
Our knowledgeable and friendly support team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have questions, encounter technical issues, or need guidance, our experts are just a phone call or email away. We pride ourselves on prompt response times and effcient problem resolution, ensuring minimal disruptions to your financial operations.

Regular Updates and Enhancements:
We are continuously working to enhance PanaFinTrack and introduce new features based on customer feedback and industry trends. As a valued customer, you’ll benefit from regular updates and upgrades to ensure your product remains up-to-date and aligned with your evolving needs.

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  • – Easy to use Lesson Reports
  • – Online homework with automa-ted marking
  • – Performance tracking
  • – Student Portal
  • – Parent Portal
  • – Automated scheduler
  • – Payment and invoicing manager
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  • – Online homework with automated marking.
  • – Easy to use Lesson Reports
  • – Performance Tracking
  • Parent Portal
  • – Tutor Portal
  • – Automated scheduler
  • – Payment manager
  • – Workbook Manager
  • – Get 1 month free when you pay annually!

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