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Who we are

Are you an innovator, a startup or an entrepreneur? Does your idea has the potential to change the world?

Then we know the struggles you face, crossing the digital barriers being one of the hardest – yet one of the most essential. Panaceata loves bringing your idea to life by becoming your trusted digital partner, through thick and thin.

What matters to us the most is the value you add to the world. Panaceata is here to enhance it. Our partnership is multifaceted, empowering you to thrive in the modern commercial world.

We are a team of digital experts with over a decade of expertise in product digitization. Through the years, we had passed many productization journeys in a variety of fields. We believe in the power of collaboration. Through deep concept realization, we blend our digital expertise with your domain. Then we take your idea through a complete transformation – making it scalable, agile and cost-effective. We highly value confidentiality, your idea is safer with us.

We believe in you. We care about you. We value your potential to change the world into a better place.

We deliver your potential

Our vision

Create a better world with equal opportunity for all inventors.

Our mission

Be the most trusted Technology partner for inventors in the productization journey. Eliminate all technical barriers to bring the concept to a tangible product to serve the people’s needs.


We deliver your potential – “secured.”

We know how important it is to keep your idea safe when it comes to partnerships. You share your vision, trust us, and transparency becomes vital. We dream together in your eye. You choose us for continuous improvement and deliver the best of your potential!

Hence, we firmly believe our sole responsibility is to ensure your data security by meeting the highest standards of industry best practices. That paved our path to get the official accreditation of ISO 27001; your ideas are now in safer hands!

How did Panaceata get certified with ISO 27001?

Gaining ISO 27001 was years of hard work that we never gave up. The certification process strictly audits maintaining safe information systems with properly documented company protocols for data security, company information and IT systems.

Today, ISO 27001 has taken us steps ahead! We are now functioning at the highest data security standards in the industry. Hence, we can guarantee complete protection to your personal information and our company information against many vulnerabilities.

How do you benefit from ISO 27001?

Our success always means a booster for your victories. It is a vital rung added to your ladder! Won’t climb becomes easier then?

  • Your data is now safer, with access only for the authorized parties
  • We continuously follow the highest industry standards in your work
  • Our services are now more reliable, standardized, and resilient
  • Your trust is ensured with our dedication to protecting your information
  • We have upgraded our management processes and integrated them with corporate risk management initiatives.