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About Panaceata

Panaceata brings internet-age digital technologies into the needs of digital transformation and combines them with the gold-standard practices of Predictive Development and Maintenance. We create digital platforms which enable industries to proceed with continuous innovation and to make the necessary disruption in a cost-efficient and scalable predictive maintenance strategies that reduce environmental impact, energy usage, and operational costs.

We teamed up experts in Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development.

Technology Stack

A few things we’re great at


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the business version of a grassroots movement. And, the data supports this trend. More often than not, this is the type of mobility that business leaders are talking about.


The Internet of Things is the fastest growing go-to-market strategies – a new IDC report has forecast that IoT spending will grow 17 percent in 2017, signifying that customers around the world are ready to shell out money for IoT applications.


As Big Data is maturing as a topic business and service models are emerging and Panaceata can see the advantages Big Data as a Service. The BDaaS attack the segments with very different value propositions and continue to attract customers.


If you think cloud computing is a disruptive force within your enterprise, just want to understand what the cloud is doing in your business landscape to create new opportunities,


Revolutionized your business outcomes with Integrated, best-in-class telecom software development.


Reimagine the human needs through disruptive technology enablement.




Our biometric identification and verification solutions is a highly modular, scalable, secure and configurable biometric identification and verification framework that can be deployed in a containerized environment in the public cloud or on-premises which is capable of handling millions of users and millions of transactions per day. The platform supports enrolling, identifying and verifying Fingerprint, Face, Iris, Voice and Signature biometrics

POS Solutions

Our cloud-driven global all-in-one POS platform that assists retail business owners to manage their operations efficiently. The platform provides various benefits such as fully integrates with Android and iOS-based mobile, tablet, POS terminals and Kiosks.

eCommerce Solutions

We have delivered many custom eCommerce solutions to leading retailers worldwide by customizing most widely used eCommerce platforms. We have developed custom payment plugins for leading payment processors in Sri Lanka as well as worldwide most notably PayPal, Barclaycard, Sampath Vishwa, Dialog ezCash and Dialog Genie. Our custom shipping plugins facilitate for leading couriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Mobile Device Management

Native application to a Handheld Device which provides printing and many other capabilities to transform Filed Officer service accessories to one single device 

Retailer Distributor management

Transform from a legacy application to Mobile-first design using Angular 5.0 hosted in Azure cloud with zero downtime.

HR Portal

This is a single case management portal for all HR activities, which includes a document repository and search capability to retrieve past case managements. The solution is featured with mobile-friendly interfaces for field

Restaurant Management

Panaceata owned a feature-rich restaurant management system which has the best user experience. The software is fully customizable based on the various requirements. It’s featured with Online ordering, Billing, Store management, Recipe management, inventory management, Order tracking & different POS terminals.

Help Desk

Cloud-based Helpdesk system is fully capable of different aspects of various customer support requests. The system can be easily pluggable to any organization’s processes, procedures, and employees’ skills with a minimum effort.

We are Hiring

Your potential delivered.

Here at Panaceata, we are going through very exciting times. We are in the midst of building the team and are looking for top-of-the-line people to join us in our adventure.


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