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Our Story

Are you a modern-day startup, innovator, or entrepreneur who works day and night to reach success?

Panaceata knows your struggle;
We have been there!

Most of the time, technology is your biggest barrier to the realization of the idea. But, if crossed, it can take you to the next level. What you lack is a trusted digital partnership to walk with you through the thick and thin.

That is where our story begins.

Panaceata is your holistic technology partner in taking your idea to a reality. As a digital accelerator, we love to work with you day and night, where we can co-create our dreams. What matters to us is the value we add to you, which exponentially boosts your idea’s value to this world.

With Panaceata, consider your productization journey is faster, scalable, cost-effective, and more competent. No matter where you are in your commercial venture, we can become your trusted digital partner in all your technological requirements. We are ready even to move beyond, where our partnership becomes multifaceted. We digitize your idea to the destined reality.

That is where the story of your product/service digitization begins.

We deliver your potential.

Our services

What we are offerring to our customers

Once an idea is discussed, brainstormed, improved and enhanced - all its digital requirements will be fulfilled by Panaceata through prototyping, designing and developing it to a scalable reality.

Product Digitization

Let us introduce your idea to the world of 4IR as a BRAND with a style and quality!

When it comes to business, you must innovate before your competitors while delivering your best values for your customers. Product digitization thus gives you a more significant advantage in higher customer conversion and satisfaction rates.

Panaceata provides you with creative, agile and tailor-made Software Development, Website development and Mobile app development services to stay just a second away from your customer.

Cloud Migrations

Panaceata provides end-to-end cloud migration and adoption on all leading public cloud providers; AWS, Azure, GCP. So let us give a complete transformation for your traditional data management legacy!

We do not just migrate; We re-imagine your business strategy with the power of cloud-native services. We work with you to empower your value creation process using public cloud benefits.

24/7 IT Support

We’ve been through the entire production process more times than we can count. Yet, we stand ready to leverage our knowledge and all those lessons we learned over the years to help you accomplish your goals. Whether you are looking to digitize your services, bootstrap a new project, or update your existing codebase, our team can help you bring your business to a higher level.



Our Solutions

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Panaceata is well experienced in fintech having served large scale clients with fintech products elevating the banking and financial services to the next level. We offer solutions to the critical issues in the finance sector in bridging the gaps and improving efficiency.


Documentation and communication with parents are challenging yet provide great credibility and trust about your institution. Our DayCare Management Solutions offer a total package in managing every aspect of your DayCare, actively notifying children attendances and viewing their activities to their parents.


From international eCommerce platforms like PayPal and Barclaycard to Sri Lankan Sampath Vishwa, Dialog ezCash and Dialog Genie, Panaceata takes pride in developing custom payment plugins. Moreover, our custom shipping plugins facilitate leading couriers such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management platform centralizes the power of enrolling, grouping and monitoring over thousands of widely distributed devices in your business.

NFC Attendance

Our NFC Attendance System, tailor-made for educational institutions, is an ideal digitalization solution to analyze and manage student attendance to lectures. Conducting examinations, Active Directory authentication and fine-grained permission handling are just a touch away!


Our parking solutions come very handy in issuing citations and fine payments to deliver effective and efficient vehicle parking management. We integrate them with the Motor and Traffic department and any third-party parking solution provider and their payment getaways.

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Panaceata is equipped with globally recognized, cutting-edge tools and technologies.